Tuesday, 20 January 2015

The Vignette Edition

'We are the curious fly'
To be a 'fly on the wall' derives from the idea that events are seen candidly. The Vignette edition is motivated by appreciating what is candid, because 'candid' is truth, and truth is beauty. 

Taken by Eni Turkeshi 

'Obscurities of everyday life' 
The ability to overlook the mundane and repetitive aspects of everyday living and those people who conform to it, we at Platfform are intrigued by these obscure, unique details and the individuals that create them. 

Dora Maar 1936, Taken by Man Ray 

'Stolen snapshots'
Everyday we make new memories, we're taking stolen snapshots of everything thats happening around us. Feeding off our surroundings, and filtering it to make something creative out of what we've been given. 

'Lost' taken by Moey Hoque 

'Interpret the untold'
At Platfform magazine we peer beneath the surface of the obscure, the overlooked and unnoticed fragments of everyday life and seek to decipher the untold stories behind them. 

Taken by Elizabeth Haust


  1. Looking forward to the Vignette edition!

  2. thanks for featuring my work.
    i`m looking forward to see the Vignette Edition :)
    Eni Turkeshi